Prayer Simply Breathe Christian Yearly Planner 2022 Monthly with Breath Prayers, Scripture and Inspirational Prompts

When I posted about journaling the other week, I meant it. When I wrote about it in Life Sucks Seek God, it was because it really helped me and has on my journey with God.

And that is what I am EXCITED to let you know about! There are three 2022 Calendar Journals available now in paperback for 2022 based on Prayer Simply Breathe!

I've been working on a number of journals to be a help on your spiritual journey to grow in your faith for every day. There are currently three covers available you can order on Amazon.

Here is a sample of the interior. Each month has a breath prayer and scripture reflection. With each month is a place for notes and a monthly task list as well.

2022 Breath Prayer Calendar Planner (Black cover)

2022 Breath Prayer Calendar Planner (White cover)

2022 Breath Prayer Calendar Planner (Football) 

 I have been working to get other journals completed as well. One is from my late wife, Heather's, journaling and Bible notes for women and I'll be promoting it soon enough so stay tuned (It is a 5-week journal for women).

As the calendars and journals come out, I hope you'll find something that you can connect with on your spiritual journey that will encourage you to live your FAITH FOR EVERYDAY!

Do no harm, do good, and follow the guidelines of God!
Jedi Pastor Ken


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