Prayer Journal for Women with the Writings of Heather Nall Hagler

Prayer Journal for Women with Writings of Heather N Hagler

I have had the iron in the fire with Prayer Simply Breathe but with the heaviness of these days, I have been at work on some other projects. One that is bittersweet is this offering. It is a prayer journal that comes from my late wife's writing and spiritual journey. Going through her notes in her Bible and some of her journals, I am reminded of how much she could run rings around most pastors and professors.

But more than that, she just loved Jesus. She would be up nearly every morning with hot tea, her Bible and our cat, Tigger. She would spend time with God and praying for everyone she loved. She memorized scriptures and hymns not because she had to but because she wanted to. She wanted to know God more. It is my hope and heart this journal will help you on your journey inspired by her words and faith each week. So, in honor and memory of Heather Nall Hagler, I offer her words and faith to the world as best I can.

---- Prayer Journal for Women: A Five-Week Scripture Inspired Journey of Prayer for Christian Women is a guide to prayer inspired by the life and faith of Heather Hagler. She was a devout Christian, teacher, pastor's wife, and loving mother who died of colon cancer. In these journal pages, you will be encouraged to live out your faith for every day. On these pages are some of Heather's words and devotional thoughts from her Bible and journaling. It includes some of Heather’s favorite Bible verses for reflection and guidance, combined with prompts and guides for strengthening your faith. These journal pages will provide you with encouragement and hope!
The journal Includes - Five full weeks of pages for a total of 35 days to build a habit of prayer and journaling. -Two pages for each day with plenty of room to record your journey. -Each week features one of Heather's reflections and favorite verses. -Prompts that are creative and flexible for you to use as you follow after Jesus Christ. Click Here:


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