Thanks to My Pastors

There are so many who have made a difference in my life and yes, many clergy but there are some I feel I have to mention during this month of clergy appreciation and as I step back into the world of blogging again.  I know I could name some more...maybe next year I'll revisit this list.  I know they likely won't even see the list but I can't help it (and those of you youth pastors and volunteers, I owe you a separate thanks!)

I know they didn't do it for accolades or thanks but thanks nonetheless!

Allen E. Bailey - the first pastor I remember as a kid at Starkville UMC.  Thanks for putting up with me and our confirmation class.  Based on all of us in ministry now, God's prevenient grace is indeed good.

Malloy Owens - I remember your smile and gracious words to all.  Your best sermon was your life.

Sid Huggins - You opened your home and allowed me to be part of your family and sent me into ministry.  Thanks for encouraging me.

Don Joy - The most influential pastor and professor in my life. 

Gerald Thurman - I can never thank you enough for being a mentor and guide as I matured and grew into my call.  You have been a gracious friend and support.

Christy Greenwald - Truly, you were and are a spiritual director and helped Heather and I during some trying days and times.

Walter Kimbrough - You made time for me and taught me the rich history of the African-American Church.  

Glenn Ethridge - When I was ready to throw in the towel, you reached out and helped me see clearly where God was leading.

Michael Selleck - You were a voice of calm in the storm and believed that God had something else in mind for me to be doing in ministry.

Warren Lathem - You NEVER allow me to be complacent and are a voice of convicting grace.

Sharma Lewis - A true friend and colleague.  You are an inspiration to all and I am honored to count you among my friends.

Doug Thrasher - When I needed a pastor and not a DS, you stepped up to the plate for me and our family. 

Andy Hinderlie - You helped me rediscover why I do what I do. We are still on the journey brother.  Thanks for being a friend.

To those who have passed on, Godspeed!  
For those who are staying the course, Follow Jesus!

For us all: Who has been there to bring you along the way? 


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