No Prep No Prop...Getting Heather's Voice and Gift Back to The Church

"No Prep No Prop Children’s Sermons is a book designed for pastors, laity, and church staff facing a time crunch. Perhaps a trusted volunteer calls in sick or a schedule change leaves the children’s sermon preparation to the last minute.  But it doesn't have to be an emergency, it can be for any given Sunday too."

That is what I wrote for the cover and Amazon post.  It is true but that isn't half of it.  No Prep No Prop is a book that is a sharing of the gifts of Heather Nall Hagler with the Church.  It will always be hard for me to imagine why the publishers she submitted the manuscript to refused to pick it up.  I have to wonder if any of them ever had to do Children's sermon at the last minute?

One of our good friends from Asbury Theological Seminary had this to say,

"I highly recommend this book to all churches and to anyone who interacts with children in any way. This book presents innovative and simple ways to explain the Message of Christ to kids as well as adults!  Heather and Ken weave in spot-on theological and insightful truth from Scripture in ways that children and all of us can put into practice in our daily lives.  Keep this book in a easy-to-find place in order to refer to it often as your life impacts children for God's glory."
Dr. Brent Van Hook
Lead Pastor
Wichita First Church of the Nazarene

Heather wanted more than anything to share her gift of story telling and love of Jesus with kids and churches.  She wanted to help anyone in ministry with kids to share the Gospel because Jesus meant more to her than anything.

This is my statement to the Valley of Suck and to don't get the last word - God does.  I already know that there are some issues with Amazon and the launch plans BUT it won't matter.  The final word is The Word.

So, if you're interested, check out No Prep No Prop on Amazon.

Why the Valley of Suck Doesn't Have to Win

It has been a long journey, one you NEVER get over.  You go through it and you keep going.  The scars are there, the grief comes again and again.  You wish and pray it still was different years removed...but the Valley of Suck doesn't have to get the last word.


You get the final say, it doesn't.
You decide to take the next step.
You realize your loved one didn't leave, they died. It wasn't choice.
You make the decision how and when to honor them.
You decide the best way to honor their memory and plant the flag.
You let dreams die a horrible death or a slow death or a quiet death...but let them die.

And you honor their life and your love by doing what you did together: YOU LIVE.

For me, it is getting to this point: 

I got the first "Proof" copy of NO PREP NO PROP 52 Children's Sermons by Heather Nall Hagler! With the help of our kids, Logan and Jay (Jillian) who have both worked hard to help me honor their mom's ministry, this book is going into print so Heather's ministry can go on.  It is the last thing she left undone.

And it was the Valley of Suck pulling on me making me believe I couldn't get it done.  It was knowing I couldn't write, not really, as long as this was sitting there so as long as it sat there, I wouldn't keep going through.  I made it through sorting out pictures and "things."  I simplified my life and made tough decisions about stuff that didn't matter but this was the piece.

I am thankful for being able to do this, for the chance to honor Heather and the gift she was to me, her children, her family, and her world.  But I am thankful too, for the "sharpening" this has been for me and for the chance to look back and see how far I have come too.

There is hope in the Valley and there is life.  You don't have to lose your faith and if you seek, you'll find God was there all along.

And if you are interested in being on the launch team or getting the book, it will go on sale on Kindle November 26th, so stay tuned!

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