What Does Spiritual Faith Look Like When Life Sucks?

"Spiritual faith does not come by saying, 'Show me a sign, God. Answer my prayer. Perform a miracle.' It begins by believing simply that God is - and He is above His creation."  - Clement of Alexandria

I suppose you can look at it any number of ways but in light of the destruction left by Harvey and Irma, just what does YOUR faith look like?  Of course, sitting here in north Georgia, we don't have it all that bad.  Yep, no electricity and no water.  We're making do with poor cell coverage and limited hotspots and wifi still out.  My family is safe and no damage to the house either.  So many others are far worse off and have endured so much more.

So, here is the thing that gets under my craw...those good Christian folk who claim they are "blessed" when little happens to effect them and who exhibit no empathy for those who are also good Christian folk and lost everything.  They may even go so far as to say, as I heard one pastor say, "The reason bad things happen to people is they took Jesus off the throne of their heart."

Uh...yeah, I got nothing.

And I don't think Clement would agree, nor do I think would Jesus.  He asked of folks their thoughts about the Tower of Siloam (see Luke 13:1-4). Nope, Jesus said we all need to be in right relationship with God.  You don't get a pass on the Valley of Suck because your spirituality provides you some kind of spiritual force field (which I am STILL looking for.  Destroyer droids were evenly matched against with Jedi because of that!)

Clement keeps it simple and raw...spiritual faith is believing God is God by the simple defining element that God is supreme.  You and I may not like that.  You may choose the path of unbelief even and cast off the belief in faith.  I got no argument with you on that one.  I wish you all the best.

We need to hear of the faith that holds on when all hell breaks lose.  I know that I NEED to be with those who can name pain and suffering and still CHOOSE FAITH.  John Wesley was once told to "preach faith till he had it and because he had it, to preach faith."

In the Valley of Suck that I have walked I continue to seek God even when life sucks.  Some days it even feels no one else has an understanding.  So be it.  I'm reminded today my faith is in a God I believe in and life does suck but I CHOOSE...again to seek God.

Can I Ask?  What have you found to hold onto when life sucks?  What quote or Bible verse has renewed your faith?  Share it in the comments below!

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