Lectio Visual for Wednesday

Lectio Visual is the practice of spiritually reading an image.   To begin, take time to reflect on the image.  The image is entitled The Evening of the Deluge, c. 1843, by Joseph Mallord William Turner.    As you look at this image, what words or thoughts come to your mind? 

As you continue to practice Lectio Visual, as you view the image walk through the following steps:

            Look (Read):  Consider deeply the image and what is being “said.”
            Linger (Reflect):  What is the verse or word being given to you?
            Led (Respond): How are you being called to respond?
            Lay (Rest): Be in God's presence.
            Live (Return): Moving back into the world with how we've been changed.

Take time to reflect on the image.  As you look at this image, what words come to your mind?  If there are people or a person in the picture, what might they be saying?  Specifically, what Scripture passage or phrase does the Holy Spirit inspire them to speak to you?   Maybe it is a word or phrase that inspires you to look up a Scripture.  Today's image comes from the story of Noah and the Great Flood found in Genesis 6-9.  This may guide you but you may find another Scripture brought to mind. Consider why that might be?

Certainly, there are those images, icons or symbols that attract us right off the bat.  BUT, we need to realize that there are also images that don’ attract us or inspire us with joy or peace that are just as likely to be used by God. 

Whatever that verse or word or phrase, take that as a guide for your prayer through this day.  Read or say that verse or phrase out loud if you have time or space to do so.  If not, silently reflect and pray.  If it is a full story, consider using more of Lectio which I talk about on my blog.


RevDave said...

Thank you, Ken, I love the way you take the Lectio Divina steps and translate them to use visuals.

Ken L. Hagler said...

You are more than welcome RevDave!

After I began working on this, I came across another form that I'm looking at but it is a bit different. I hope to post about it in the future. In the meantime, I will continue with what I've begun.

Again, thanks for the kind words.

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