The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Parables From Luke Week 4

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After spending time with Luke's gospel and the Parable from 14:12-24 and reading some of the things that were said about him, I'm left thinking that Jesus would have liked hanging with Toby Keith.  From all I can determine, he would spend more time with red solo cups than most of us give Jesus credit for.

Does that bother you?  I really don't mean it to BUT if it does you really need to consider the reputation Jesus had back in the day.  If you've missed some of what I've been talking about in these podcasts, you need to know Jesus' parables were meant to SHOCK us.  Some of his behaviors shocked people in his day as well.

You'll hear me share it if you listen today but I do want to make sure you hear this, "No healthy pleasure is forbidden to a Christian...for a Christian is like [one] who is forever at a wedding feast."   Those words from William Barclay in his commentary ought to wake us up to our call to be more 'party people.'  But how should that look?  Take a listen...

Oh yeah, three things I noted but certainly NOT the Cliff Notes from today's study...
1.  In three years of ministry, do you think Jesus used the same parable more than once?
2.  Be very careful about taking parables and turning them into church law.
3.  John Wesley did have some bad ideas.  He obviously never had children.


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