Thoughts Before The Talk: Holding Back

In the great story lines of modern cinema and writings, have you noticed how often the hero or heroine is holding something back? Maybe it is someone on their team, a special gadget or just the deep down since of destiny. It inspires us, it sends that little chill up your spine. (Beware Spoilers)In the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi and when the Rohirrim appear on the hillside in Return of the King always grab my attention.

If only our lives were more cinematic! Unfortunately (to us anyway), life is usually a little more mundane. We hold back and say to ourselves (as we look at the rich and famous or maybe just our neighbors), "I've got nothing! (pause) but..." In our home it goes something like this..
Child: "I'm bored."
Parent: "Really. You've got nothing to do?"
Child: "No. I'm bored."
Parent: "Well, you bought ______________, that would be something."
Child: "Yeah, I got nothing but that, but I'm still bored."
Parent: "What about _______________?"
Child: "Yeah, nothing but that and I'm still bored."

I am no different, in attitude or action. I'm not asking if you appreciate what you have, but do you acknowledge it as yours?

Don't think for a minute this a parable about wealth, it is about the heart of possessions.

When Jesus said to the disciples, " give them something to eat (Mt. 14:16)." The disciples responded, "...We have nothing here but...(Mt. 14:17)." Is this a miracle of faith and feeding? Or do we have the humbling of hearts as the teacher digs deeper into the soul of the disciples and digging deeper into my own shadow...the side that holds back?


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