Hollywood Holiness

Driving into work today I got to thinking about my disappointments with the new Harry Potter. Oh, it was good as far as movies go. It was at the heart, true to the story. However, as is the case often in the transition from book to screen, somethings get lost in translation. Maybe nothing big but for those who have never read the book, you'd miss key, meaningful symbols and subtle stories that would broaden the scope of the story.

It is not just in Harry Potter that it happens, it is consistently being done and for most folks, it makes little impact or difference. In truth, maybe it does make for a better movie...but it does not tell the whole story. We have the freedom to watch the movie or read the book. We have the opportunity to play the video game or sit in a book club discussion.

There is, in my experience, a convergence of thoughts occurring within the spiritual landscape. It is played out in our churches over and over again. It could be argued, we've been doing it for centuries. Yet, it has been ever growing in scope within the United States precisely because of our freedoms.

In his book, "Working the Angles," Eugene Peterson notes,
"The great attraction for distilling Scripture into truths and morals and lessons is simply laziness. The practice...is the hallmark of the gnostic, for whom matter is evil and history inconvenient... (134 & 135)"

Hollywood Holiness does just this. It is easy. It may or may not be gnostic, I'm not quite willing to go that far. However, it does leave the seeker of God flat and wondering over time, "is this all there is?"

No. No it isn't. There is more, so much more! Stay tuned...this will be continued.


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