Are You Dirty Enough? Thoughts Before the Talk

Bad soil, good soil, rocky soil...what gives? Jesus' parables are full of plants, harvests, and farms. I'll admit that I dislike getting out and working in the yard especially come the dog days of summer. I don't mind the sweat but dirt? I'm already thinking about taking a shower!!

Still, we must recognize the importance of the word pictures Jesus is painting. Nothing about gardening is measured in hours or even days...think weeks, months, seasons and years. Remember, of all the animal kingdom, while humans are at the top of the food change, our children are dependent on the care of others for an inordinate amount of time.

Consider taking time to read some of the Bible verses on plants and farming. I'm not talking just with Jesus, but the whole Bible. We need to review our Biology notes lest we miss some of the lessons underneath!

May I Ask: How 'dirty' do you feel these days? Does it make you seem unloveable or unacceptable? Do you think God feels that way about you?

May I Suggest: Spend some time this week learning about soil. Go to a flower show, find a master gardner or go by a farmer's market and pick up some produce. Ask any of these folks about what is needed to make good might be surprised what you learn.


stephanisat said...

That's my kind of "touchy feely." I can't wait to share this experiment with the boys this week.

Ken L. Hagler said...

You're welcome! I would love to hear what they learn!

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