A Pause In The Insanity...

In the midst of my life, there have been different times and moments where certain things, an image, a smell, or a sound, have caused a pause in the insanity. One of the pauses for me I return to over and over, is the music of Jeff Johnson. Jeff has been a pioneer and inspiration to many. I have got to give the hat tip to Mike Pullen, on of my college roommates who introduced me to Jeff Johnson and Ark Music.

I've had the album for a while but recently, I began listening again to Jeff's album, The Prayers of St. Brendan. I look to Jeff's music as I look to my treasured books, they are companions on the journey.

This album is unique in that it is a retelling of the journey of St. Brendan. St Brendan is chiefly renowned for his legendary journey to The Isle of the Blessed as described in the ninth century "Voyage of St Brendan the Navigator." Brendan's journey was one of exploring more than just the world but life and faith. To step off "the edge of the world," as Brendan did, is something many consider but few do. I am finding as the pastor of a new church start, some similarities. I think St. Brendan would be a good patron saint of church start pastors.

I met Jeff and Brian Dunning at the Emergent conference back in 2004. They were both taken by surprise that I had been listening to their music since the early '90s. The service they led was one I'll never forget as it provided such an important pause for me at a very uncertain time.

Jeff's music has provided the soundtrack and inspiration for my faith journey.

I'm really excited that I just received two new albums today: "Vespers" and "Benediction." I'm listening to Vespers now and finding it to be an appropriate pause at the end of this day. Another pause in the insanity.

May I Ask: Where do you find pause in the insanity? Do you know when you need to pause?

May I Suggest: Consider the music, book, or place, that helps you feel at home regardless of where you are. Keep such inspirations close by in case of emergency. We all could use a pause in the insanity.

BTW, if you can't figure one out, order some of Jeff's music! ;)


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