Defending the Galaxy...Father and Son

The Clone Wars Mall Tour was in town today (though we had to track it down!) I love living in Atlanta! It was a great distraction as the Jedi Pastor and his eldest youngling and padawan tried to hold down the homefront while the girls were camping.

Granted, you cannot hang out with Hothlanta Rebels if you do not live in the ATL but if the Clone Wars Tour comes nearby, don't miss it. It is about an hour or so and features some fairly cool activities. You should bump into a few stormtroopers. Get your picture taken as jedi. Play a little Wii and test your lightsaber skills (kind of a big version of the game Operation). There are some pretty good freebies too.

Just thought I would share as the Clone Wars spirit begins to spread across the galaxy!

BTW, if you get the picture done, it doesn't come with the lightsaber effects. If you need the effects, try Light Saber Maker for free.


Ashley said...

How fun! What a great experience. Doesn't star wars rule!?

Jedi Pastor Ken said...

Star War is "Da Proton Torpedo!"

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