More Than Practice

I'm breathing easier now though there is still so much to do. I can't say thanks enough to all the great people who are helping get Crossroads UMC launched. Last night was our first practice and it was a great night. So many did so much. The worship team of Wes, Robert, Sara and led by Brandon Reeves were incredible. It meant a lot to read Ashley's blog, "Awesome God."

It really was more than practice. From the hands and feet who served all around, the prayer Jim prayed with Brandon and me, the children playing and coming to receive communion, the help from Cedarcrest Church, the people who came and gave of time and offerings, it was all worship.

And in the midst of it was my sermon, one that was as much for everyone as it was for me. It was called, "Keep It Simple" and was on Luke 18:10-14, the story of the pharisee and tax collector. And today, as I reflect on what has happened these past two years, what happened last night and what may happen in the future, I can't help but hear God's words to me, "Keep it simple." By His grace, I hope to do just that. Thanks God for allowing me to play a part of this new church, this new work of the Kingdom.


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