Got Any Heart Left?

I know, I know, I've been a bit quiet on my blog lately. What was unintentional became more intentional as I needed to be silent for a time. Sometimes, we need to turn off the noise in our heads in order to hear the cry of our hearts.

As I talked with my friend Jeff Coleman, who is the pastor up at The Highlands UMC, I heard the cry of my heart. Having that sobering accountability of a true friend can help shut up that noise. The question that cut through the crap was this,

"How much of your heart does God have?"

You see, for most church going people, the pastor is the one who has it all figured out. To the folks outside the church, they are not really even sure what a pastor does. For me, the truth is this, I am merely a disciple of Jesus who has experienced the grace of forgiveness and a life encounter with God's Son.

The question that came from my heart is a telling one. Just because I am ordained, just because I went to Seminary, it does not mean for one instant, God has my whole heart. It does not mean God has even 70% of it. 50%. 30%. 10%. Do those things "mean" something? Sure they do, but not in the eyes of God...and not in my heart.

How much of my heart does God have? Not nearly enough but more than he did 20 years ago. By His grace, I pray God will have more of my heart tomorrow.

May I Ask? How much of your heart does God have?

May I Suggest? Find a friend willing to push you with some tough questions and comments and you commit to keeping your mouth shut.


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