Can We Speak on the 90%?

As I sat in our coaching group yesterday at Mountain Lake Church in Cumming, pastor Casey Graham shared with us an interesting discovery he had made. In a search of blogs of leading pastors around the U.S., he had a difficulty time finding any one talking about personal finances.

All of us sat kind of stunned for a minute. Casey then said, "We talk about the 10% (referring to tithing) but what about the other 90%?" I can tell you that I walked away with a lot of good material and challenging thoughts. I am also excited about Casey's new endeavor with ReThink Money and you can read more about it at Casey's Blog.

As the son of an Accounting Professor, it was stressed to me early on the importance of being wise financially. I've not always been the best at it, but I've always paid the bills and we've avoided debt. It isn't always easy but Heather and I have always had a vision for living within our means. That isn't always popular with the other two individuals who live in our home but alas, it is their lot in life.

Still, Casey's challenge to me yesterday was the question,

Whose kingdom am I building?

The goal ought to be for the Jesus follower to invest more money into God's Kingdom otherwise I am investing in my own kingdom and serving me. I'll be the first to admit that though we tithe and go beyond at times (certainly starting a new church), we do fall short of John Wesley's challenge to Methodists in his sermon "On the Use of Money," to "Gain all you can, save all you can and give all you can."

After yesterday, I am praying and examining how I spend money and where I can be better. Not so much where I can "tighten-up" but where I can be a better steward. After all, if my heart is where my treasure is (Luke 6:21), I ought to be sure they are where I want them to be.

May I Ask: How often in church do you hear about the other 90%? Does bother you when pastors talk on money? Why or why not? Does it bother you to preach on it?

May I Suggest: Consider reading Wesley's sermon on The Use of Money or check out Casey Graham's work with ReThink Money.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken. Thanks for posting on this subject! I am looking forward to working with you in the near future!

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