YouVersion: Shared Knowledge or Ignorance?

I'm excited about playing around in's new playground known as YouVersion.

It is their Beta release so you know that means it is time to ship with some bugs that need to be worked out. The concept is certainly an interesting one: making an online version of the Bible which the community can interact with, comment on, link to, etc. The implications for sharing and expanding knowledge and resources are incredible. I can see how pastors, teachers, leaders and students can find all types of resources and helps for ministry.

BUT... it more an opportunity for shared ignorance than shared knowledge? How many cute e-mail spam messages will find a home (other than my trash can) connected to a Bible verse? How much disinformation will be made available?

Look, my hat is off to for their innovation and work. I'm not trying to rain on their parade, because I'm sure they've weighed the possibilities. I'm going to sign-up today. We just need to realize the reality that Richard Watson points out, namely...
...we shouldn’t get too hung up on technology. The reason that many of our scientific fantasies haven’t made it into reality is that many innovators and futurists sometimes make the mistake of forgetting about human history and psychology. Technology tends to change fast and exponentially, while people tend to change slowly and incrementally.

While most of us get excited (obsessed maybe a better word) with innovations, not everyone tends to move so fast. Maybe all of us who serve as leaders, in business or church, need to pause and reflect on whether our own thoughts are sometimes just "alpha" or "beta" versions and not ready for a full-fledged public release.

May I Ask: Ever used a Beta release presented too early? Ever released an idea or product too early yourself? What did you learn?

May I Suggest: Before going too far, release your idea(s) with a few trusted friends/colleagues and give them time and freedom to pick it apart. Remember: to build bigger muscles, you have to tear the old ones down.


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