When do you find time to rest?

I've taken this week off from blogging to allow my blog on stories to be front and center. It hasn't been easy, but the time away did me good...I think.

Today was my day off. For me it is sabbath time. And today for the first time since moving to Paulding County, I took off down the trail solo. I went to Pickett's Mill Battlefield which is about 8 minutes from house. It was incredible! I certainly felt the effects of not being on the trail for a while but that was the only negative.

Three and a half miles. I saw no one else on the trail during my time. I laughed at squirrels and played catch-up with a white-tailed deer. I had time to pause at a stream and took care of creation by picking up all the trash I saw.

So what about you? When do you find time to rest? Or may I ask, when do you make time to rest, re-create and renew yourself? When do you allow time for God to simply speak and you shut your mouth?

I know it isn't easy. Really I do. Remember, it has been a year and a half since I've done something like today, something I know allows me to connect with God in a more personal way. It was hard to get it together this morning to make it happen but I needed it. You do too.

May I Ask: When did you last TAKE A DAY OFF?

May I Suggest: Pull out your calendar and sometime in the NEXT TWO WEEKS, make an appointment with yourself IN PEN to do something YOU LOVE.


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