Sharpen Your Creativity: Copy

It has been about six months since I first read about Scott Ginsberg, the name tag guy. It only took a couple of days of thinking, sending an e-mail to Scott and asking permission from my family before I started wearing my nametag. So if you live in Paulding County you know I didn't come up with this all by myself.

It was just a simple idea but it was one of those "Aha" moments for me. I've meet so many neat people, connected with more people, had more conversations with strangers and made more friends than I could have imagined. A couple of Sundays ago, some of the youth got together and wore "Ken" name tags in the service. It reminded of a simple saying youth ministers have shared for years:

"The essence of creativity is the ability to copy."

The thing about a copy, is it is always a bit different from the original. I'm not Scott, I'm Ken so already my name tag is different. But it isn't just that, creativity means you start with the copy and make it your own, you don't leave it how you found it. What I'm discovering after six months of "name tagging" is that I'm different...

I'm friendlier.
At least I feel that way. Wearing a name tag has made it so much easier to start conversations with complete strangers. Whether it is me or them, conversations seem to just pop up.

I'm more accountable.
When people know who you are you tend to more aware of who you are.

I'm more approachable.
Kind of like the first one except people I don't know call me by name. I've been "employed" recently by Home Depot, Michael's and Target (BTW, don't ever go to Target with a red shirt and khakis, I don't know how I manage to do this regularly).

I'm having more fun.
For all of my tendencies toward administration and being disciplined, I'm still the baby in the family and have to cut lose a bit. Who says pastors can't have fun?

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens the wits of another. (Proverbs 27:17 GW)

May I Ask: What have you read recently that has inspired you to copy an idea? How's it going?

May I Suggest: Be attentive to what you see and read this week. Find one good idea you can copy and make it better. Share here what you learned!


hellomynameisscott said...

Well done, Jedi Knight.

"Fear not to entertain strangers for by so doing some may have entertained angels unaware."

Heb 13:2

My favorite part about wearing a nametag.

Keep it up!

Ken L. Hagler said...

Thanks "Master Scott!"

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