The Power of Your Story

This week at Due West UMC we're sharing stories. Not just any stories but your story. As part of our series on Just Walk Across the Room, everyone has been invited to share their faith story, simply, concisely and in 100 words or less. Send your story to our pastoral staff and we'll help folks with the telling of their story with thumbs up, thumbs down or some suggestions to help tweak it just a little.

I think this is a great idea. Since it is a challenge we're giving, it seemed only right for Tom and I, as pastors, to post our own stories in 100 words or less. If they are a help, great! Hey, if you think we can do better, feel free to tell us too...

Pastor Tom’s Story

I grew up with a “supper time” understanding of God… you know “God is Great! God is Good! Let us thank Him for our food.” I understood God had these general attributes and would be pleased if I had them too. I worked hard at being “great and good”. No matter what I did, I was never successful enough or good enough, but I was depressed and confused. When I asked Jesus to make my heart his home, I quit striving for approval and the clouds of depression and confusion left. I now have a sense of purpose and joy I never thought possible.

Pastor Ken's Story

Growing up, I saw that image seemed to be everything. People judged others on what they could do, how they dressed, what they had and what they knew. I came to realize I just could not measure up with what the world demanded. I grew angry without hope for my future. But a couple of leaders who were in my Scout troop and who volunteered at church, accepted me for who I was. Their actions showed me grace, that God saw me differently. I chose to follow Jesus and began living with peace, hope and a future.

There you go, our before and after. If you'd like any help with your story, you can send it to

NOTE: We'll be taking stories until Saturday, October 27th. Your story will not be shared with anyone else or posted on the web.


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