North Paulding High School's FIRST Homecoming Parade

It was a special moment. Lets remember first time moments only happen once. You don't get to redo and yesterday was a great first Homecoming Parade for North Paulding High School.

Just spending a few moments mingling allowed me to meet a proud dad of a band member and did all those parents have something to be proud of too! There was roughly 20 members in the band. They sounded like 50 and played with experience.

The Homecoming Court and football team conducted themselves with class and style. One of the young men asked me politely if I'd like a souvenir cup. Then he didn't throw it but walked over and handed it to me. That was classy.

A few other floats followed and the parade ended with the Beta Club. Parents and neighbors in Seven Hills walked up and down the Seven Hills Blvd. Since we don't have a main street, Seven Hills proved an ideal location for the parade. It was exciting to see the community out supporting the school and its leaders. Hats off to Susan Browning, the staff of NPHS, the boosters, the PTA and the businesses that supported this event.

You only get the opportunity for one first and North Paulding High School and the community made the most of it yesterday. Congratulations! Go Wolfpack!

Lest we forget how new this North Paulding community really is, there are many more firsts to come our way. The opportunities new starts and "firsts" give, are reminders that hope still exists in our world, our communities and our neighborhoods. Take advantage of each one that comes your way.

May I Ask: What "firsts" are happening around you? Are you making time?

May I Suggest: Keep a note pad or your day planner handy in your car. This way you can write down dates and times of "first" events and help support when you can.


gavin richardson said...

not quite a first, but we have the hendersonville homecoming all week. our parade is kinda lame though.

Ken L. Hagler said...

Well it is hard to beat the Rose Bowl Parade. Everbody really needs to have detachment of stormtroopers from the 501st to make their parade complete.

Anonymous said...

I was at the parade. Daughter was on the Beta Club float. I was at the end and it was great to see. By the time the band got to the end they were pretty hot and tired, but I've been really proud of their efforts this first year.

What a great week Homecoming was...kind of interesting since Homecoming seems all about remembering "where you came from" and all the history. Daughter will have a lot of bragging rights in years to come to be part of the "first" NPHS homecoming.

Thanks for sharing!

Ken L. Hagler said...

Sorry I missed ya'll on Thursday, it really was a great time. You're welcome! ;)

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