Creeping Towards REAL Crisis in North Georgia

On Monday this past week, I was talking with my Cub Scouts about the water crisis we're facing. I half-joked about how they'll soon be taking a shower every other day.

But here is what we discovered later in the week. You may know sixty-one counties in North Georgia have been under a watering ban for months. Yesterday it was reported that North Georgia's Water Shortage has taken it's toll on Lake Lanier. At current levels, Lanier, the primary water supply for Metro Atlanta will last about 4 months. It appears that Alabama has finally taken the situation seriously and established watering bans as well.

Landscaping companies are already feeling the strain. Soon, other businesses that depend on water will have to respond. Decisions will have to be made about environmental impact as we try to insure there is safe drinking water in metro Atlanta.

We are approaching (or possibly past) the point of the United Methodist Church responding to what may become a disaster. Our Social Principles address the issue of Consumption. This is a place to start.

For those of us right here in Metro Atlanta, we ought to become more diligent to our actions. Sites such as Conserve Water Georgia! provide ideas for both Homeowner Tips and Business Tips to be more aware of water usage and conservation.

It is time for us as consumers of natural resources,"...including local congregations and Church-related institutions..." to not just speak but to act.

May I Ask: What do you think of conservation and environmental concerns? How has it effected you personally? In your community?

May I Suggest: Take some time to learn what is happening in North Georgia or in your community. What maybe a small concern can become an even bigger crisis. Get involved.


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