Hey United Methodist Church, Can We Talk About Jesus Now?

#UMC folks, if you are still under the guise and believe that only the "other side" has a "political machine" that is at work, you are becoming part of the problem. As one who has been in the "conservative" tribe all my ministry, I have been approached by this machine for years. Of course, the "progressives" have a "machine" too.

As the great Clay Ride video of years gone by notes, we chose a more democratic form of church governance in the formation of the Methodist Church. It should be no wonder then that our system mirrors the secular world's struggles and corruption that infiltrates our church.

No one is going to be a victor when we come to the conclusion of the journey. Sadly, the world looks on and sees the church behaving no differently than they do and wonders what need is there for the church? Even as I post this, I struggle with typing these words as an Elder and life long member in the UMC.  If one side "won" or "lost" in the votes at Annual Conference, guess what?  We all lost.

I am no fan of using Jesus as the "tea strainer" of our theology (only listening to what Jesus said, check out more about it here), but ya know what? I can't help but thinking and believing, right now we all need to make more time for Jesus and Jesus' words - not about politics, not about sexuality, not about authority of Scripture, but about...

-where do I see pain?
-who do I see hurting?
-how do I best help one person today?
-when can I make time to pray? worship?
-what need can I give to?
-what is the idol I worship?
-who is the stranger in my midst?
-why am I do nothing for my neighbor in need?
-when will I love my enemy?
-can I turn the other cheek?  When?

Jesus said, we have to "die" in order to live.  I think Jesus was getting at our need to admit our powerlessness to do the work really needed in our souls.  To that end, if we claim to be followers of Jesus, humility, not "rightness" should be far more prominent in our way of life.  Folks, it ain't everyone can see our "emperor," our denomination, has no clothes nor can we be saved through it.

That has always been Jesus.  So yeah, maybe Jesus is the tea strainer we need after all.

Here is that Clay Ride video too, just for fun...


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