Author and Book Spotlight on Kathy Anderson and Recalculating

Recalculating: Walk Away from Negative Thinking with the Course-Correcting Power of Words, is an excellent book with practical application for learning to renew your mind. Negative thinking causes a great deal of anxiety in our lives and we need the course-correcting power of words to help us. The Bible encourages us to renew our minds and Kathy Anderson gives us a clear plan on how this is possible in our lives and how we can change our habits.

As we explore the Spiritual Side of our lives, Jedi Pastor Ken will highlight authors and books, like Kathy Anderson and “Recalculation” that aid in our spiritual formation. In addition, collaborations with other thought leaders in the field of spiritual formation will part of these interviews as well. Check out the links below to get your copy of “Recalculating” and go to Kathy’s website to sign up for her e-mail list and get one of her free offerings to help you recalculate!

Get Kathy's Book: "Recalculating" on Kindle Here: Kathy’s Website and some freebies:


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