How to Make Your Way Back When You Walk From God In the Valley of Suck

I hate it when I don't take care of myself.  I sometimes ignore my food allergies or neglect to drink enough water.  The effects of these are always negative and I know it.  It sucks.  A couple of years ago now I did the "Body for Believers" diet and learned how to eat so much better.  Still, I go my own way.

And I hurt when I do.

Thing is, I do the same thing when it comes to my life and my convictions too.  It is not hard to do.  Even though I have sought and fought to be true to my faith and my God, I have too many times gone my own way and in so doing, I walk away from God and what I know.  There are at least 3 things that I find that have tripped me up most on my journey in the valley of suck...

1. People.
Sometimes, I have sought to put my faith in people.  Truthfully, more times than not, this has been the most difficult let-down.  People have their own concerns and while you may be a friend, even a close friend, putting our faith in others can lead us farther away.

2.  Situations.
Those of you in the Valley of Suck know too well, during grief and pain, we make bad decisions.  Even if you aren't, it is easy to not ask enough questions or examine a situation further and BOOM!  I did that with a recent car purchase.  I now own a vehicle that constantly disappointments but I can't hope to get back what I put into it.  It is easy to sense the dark clouds closing.

3.  Advice.
Bless ALL our hearts!  There is no advice good for every situation.  We need to heed wise advice but just because it is given, it doesn't mean it applies EXACTLY to what we are facing.  One word or meme does not fit all occasions but it is hard to know that in the midst of the journey.

So what do you to make your way back?  Consider these 4 tips...

Stay closely connected to those who have demonstrated a concern for you.  Look at their network of friends too.  Good people hang with good people.

Keep things as simple as you can in your life. Don't step into new ventures or large purchases if you don't HAVE to do so.  And that is the key, IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO.  You may not have a choice so keep it simple and slow.

And, be careful with applying advice, mine included.  If it sounds to good, it probably is.

Finally, just as I am convinced: Life Sucks Seek God, it is easy to neglect the spiritual by focusing on just what sucks.  When we do that, we usually drift away or walk away from God.  So be intentional about your spiritual journey.  The breath prayer above, is a very intentional way to start this.  

Consider checking out this YouTube video on Breath Prayer: 

SO...MAY I ASK?  What have you found to be helpful in your journey?


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