Time Matters in the Valley of Suck (and During Holy Week)

This time matters.

I cannot let this time pass without writing.

As I come to accept and understand writing to be my call and my work, I have learned there are many reasons why a writer might not write. Sometimes there might be a block. Sometimes it is simply a desire to focus on living and not writing.  For me, hunting season is a choice too.

And then there are times far too important to let them pass by without a comment, without saying...something.

This time matters. In the life of the Church; the life of the Christian, the season of Lent and Holy Week is THE time of preparation.  It is THE time of reflection.  It is THE time of holy moments.  It is THE time to get your head out of your north end when you're going south.

This time matters...God died.

Let that sink in for a moment or two.  This is the first Lent and Holy Week in 22 years without my best friend.  It is the "last" of the "firsts" until we remember Heather's death a year ago.

This time matters...because death matters.

I know the Biblical concepts of death and I believe "death is swallowed in victory," but if you walk past death like it is just another trash can on the side of the road then you are missing out on the significance of just why this time matters...

God died...not symbolically or metaphorically.  We're marking the time because God died and knows what it is to walk the valley of suck and to walk the valley of the shadow of death.  He walked it, not so we don't but because we do and so we truly have a "high priest who knows what we suffer. (Hebrews 4:15)"

This time matters...because a year ago, Heather was walking to her "Golgotha" and I was carrying the cross with her, just like Simon of Cyrene. The story of Holy Week does HAVE parallels and there IS symbolism and metaphor.

But God died.

Deal with it.

Face it.

Life sucks.

Seek God.

God isn't going to stay in the tomb.

God isn't going to stay in YOUR tomb.

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