Breath Prayer for Days of Darkness

With each moment comes another gasp for air.  There is a willing which I must will to get out of bed; to start the day; to pick up the pieces of our lives.  Those reasons are at times a mystery, cloudy and shadowed long into the darkness where my eyes strain.  As clear as the pictures of our past are in the photo albums and on our computer, so to is the clear darkness of the future.  Where once we dreamed there is now an unknown.

Is it fair to say we ever knew the future? No, not really.  Those days were never promised and are not even now. Let me caution you to beware and be wary; yes, in your arrogance and mine which thinks you are owed something by this world we live in.  This is the realm of the satan; it is the world of the accuser.  Yes, the very one Job faced in the darkness; it is the same one you face now.

The beasts of the valley of suck, the valley of shadows, the valley of death serve an accuser who revels in raking us across perceived failures and shortcomings.  In such days when darkness threatens, travelers must rely on those means which have previously sustained us.  The light that shines need not be a light to illumine all the darkness; it need only provide light enough for the next step.  

This breath prayer formed in my heart and on paper in the last hours leading up to my wife’s death.  It was not what I needed then but has been what I have needed now.  Sustain my soul, my God, in days of darkness such as I experience now.  The accuser throws no accusation against me which is not already known by you and by me.  Yet even now, I feel the weight of my failings, of all the ways I failed Heather and my children.  Sustain me God for you alone are able.  Have mercy on me, a sinner.

May I Suggest? A breath prayer serves as a short prayer, prayed silently along your normal pattern of breathing. A number of people have shared how they use these images as a wallpaper on their phone during the week. Set the image and an alarm to remind you to pray for one minute at the top of each hour.


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