What's Love Gotta Do With It? Why Symbols Matter

Logos are part of our cultures both in the physical world and cyber world. Logos draw out different responses. Symbols on the other hand often draw out and emotion or convey a story. What symbol do we commonly see for love? The Bible give us a very different symbol to consider...wonder why it didn't catch on? Check out today's video and I think you'll see. It won't sell many Hallmark cards!

MAY I ASK? Take some time to reflect on this Mini-Message and ask these questions.  These are good for both individual and group study.

  1. What logos do you love to see? (Golden arches, swoosh, Apple, Windows, etc)
  2. What do the brands people buy say about them?

  1. Why is Jesus giving this talk now?
  2. What is the “new command” Jesus gives?
  3. How are other people going to know who Jesus’ disciples are? (v 35)
  4. How do people get eros (romantic love) confused with agape (sacrificing love)?
  5. Why could this confusion make life/conversation more difficult in our world?
  6. How could you use the symbol of the cross more effectively in your life?
  7. How is love a sign that someone is a disciple of Christ?
  8. Can actions and words deny someone is a Christian?
  9. Who do you need to love this week in the way Jesus did? What exactly will you do?


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