Gone Fishing: How to Find God in Everyday Moments

It is hard sometimes in life to make that connection with God. In the everyday moments, trying to find God can be so difficult. What some people say about the spiritual life and journey can be so confusing or sound like nonsense. Following the incredible events of Jesus' resurrection, the Bible tells us how the disciples made a connection with Jesus by going fishing! Check out some of my thoughts from this past week's Lectionary text in John 21:1-19

BTW: If you haven't figured it out, my videos won't always feature a Star Wars quote or reference but look closer and you'll find some item. You just never know what will show up.

May I Suggest: Ask yourself these questions

  1. What are your favorite activities or hobbies?
  2. Who all had gone out to fish? (21:2-3)
  3. How successful had the group been at fishing that night? (21:3)
  4. What was the result when they did what Jesus had told them to do? (21:6)
  5. What did Peter do when he realized Jesus was talking? (21:7)
  6. What did Jesus ask His disciples to do once they were on shore? (21:8-10)
  7. Why do you think this group went fishing?  What activity would you have done?
  8. Why can’t we see God working in our lives?
  9. When have you encountered Jesus in everyday life?
  10. How do you most often experience fellowship with Jesus?
  11. How did this week’s sermon and mini-message help you connect with God?


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