Doubting Thomas (and other things I question)

There are a lot of crazy stories that float around on the internet. How likely are you to believe them (BE HONEST!)? How likely are you to visit and find out the truth?

Do the people involved help make the story more believable or less believable? Now imagine what it must have been like 2,000 years ago. How would the internet react to a story like the resurrection of Jesus?

Take a moment and watch this Mini Message regarding John 20:19-31 (Special focus on 24-31)

I do not think doubting makes you a weak person, it reminds us we're human. Jesus was incredibly gracious to Thomas and I think we need to remember that grace and doubt are both important (and real) elements of the faith journey. Consider these questions for yourself or as part of a small group study.

Where do you think Thomas might have been when Jesus first visited the disciples? (Where might you have been if you had been Thomas?)

What does Thomas say he needed to believe Jesus was raised from the dead?

How does Jesus respond to Thomas when he returns?

What three observations does Ken make? Why are each important? How do they help you?

What does Jesus say about believers that will follow? What did Jesus mean?

When have you had doubts about your faith in Christ? What helped? What didn’t help?

What circumstances exist causing you to question right now in your life?

What spiritual practice is a regular part of your day? Prayer? Bible reading? Devotional reading? Journaling? Something else? Nothing at all?

Are you meeting with others who share your faith? If not, why not?

What is 1 thing you can do to be sure to be in worship this coming week?


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