Are You Hearing God? Two Tips Jesus Gave Us

This week's Mini-Message on YouTube picks up on not just the topic of prayer, but on three practices that John Wesley called, "The Means of Grace" which all help us to hear and discern the voice of Jesus.  Check it out and be sure to subscribe:

May I Ask?  Reflect on the message (and Scripture) with these questions?
John 10:22-30

What are some truths that hard for you to accept? Why?
Who are some of the people whose voice you love to hear? Why?
What question were the Jews trying to get Jesus to answer?
How did Jesus respond to their question?
What did Jesus say His sheep did (the two “tips)? 
How does the comparison of sheep and our phones help your understanding?
How did the Jews respond?
Why do you think prayer, Scripture and communion rank as the top three ways to hear God’s voice?
When have you heard/met God in your prayers, Bible reading, or taking Communion?
What has God’s voice sounded like to you?
What steps will you take to follow your Shepherd closely this week?


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