Praying to Love Like Jesus

I read a recent article quoting N.T. Wright regarding the lack of having an extended Easter celebration.  We give 40 days to Lent but only one to the greatest miracle and then get on with the work of the church.  I couldn't find the link but I certainly want Dr. Wright to have the credit.

In truth, most of Christianity, at least in the USA, gives little care for Lent either.  I mentioned on Ash Wednesday that we have a lot of Christmas and Easter people but very few Christians who are Ash Wednesday people.  But let's be really specific, we're really saying there are a lot of Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday people.  Christmas people would be amazed by the Good News and Easter people would not be able to contain the Good News but would be like the women and take the news to their closest friends (Luke 24:1-12).

Maybe we need to turn our eyes finally to Jesus. Rather than be consumed with attention to detail we become amazed by deity who loved us enough to come to us, live among us, save us and redeem us.  How about stand in wonder of God's desire to do something more profound - make it possible to love others in the same way Jesus loved us.

I have found breath prayers to be one of the prayer practices which makes connection with God possible.  The prayer I wrote this week and I'm praying, is out of this idea of Tom Wright, that we need (I need) to be intentional about Easter's truly GOOD NEWS!  I have the potential to love like Jesus because Jesus truly loves me!  Trying to pray the right words and prayers is well and good but following Jesus is more about living than it is about learning.  Tim McGraw says it well in his new song, "Humble and Kind," stating that "saying I love you ain't no pick-up line."   Jesus, may your LOVE be seen in my LIFE.


O&G said...

Pastor Ken thank you for this..I don't think I have been touched like this in a very long time. ..and to find this at this point is a true gift from God. .
Beth Alo

O&G said...
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Ken Hagler said...

Hey Beth, thanks for stopping by and for your words. I pray this will be a help for you as you follow Jesus

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