Jedi Pastor Ken's Episode 2: Backwards Day

My favorite day at summer camp has always been "Backwards Day" or some call it "Opposite Day" when everything goes in the wrong direction.  You never know what to expect!  When Jesus shows up in Jerusalem on the day we call Palm Sunday, it is like opposite day.  Watch this week's "mini-message" and consider how you might Follow Jesus and live a more opposite life!

  1. How do people commonly show admiration for famous people? How about powerful people?
  2. What four things did Ken note that were “opposite” or “backwards” of what ought to have been expected?
  3. Why did Jesus choose to ride into the city on a colt/donkey? (19:35)
  4. How did people react to Jesus’ entrance into the city? (19:36-37)
  5. In what way were the words of the disciples’ praises significant? (19:38)
  6. Why were the Pharisees in the crowd upset? (19:39)
  7. How did Jesus respond to the Pharisees’ rebuke? (19:40)
  8. How did Jesus react when He saw the city of Jerusalem? (19:41)
  9. What does this passage teach us about Jesus’ regard for celebrity status?
  10. What has the Lord done for you recently that causes you to praise Him?
  11. How can you imitate Christ’s compassion by living an “opposite” life this week?


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