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What is a "Mini-Message?"

My teenage daughter asked me a while back to make videos of my sermons so she could watch them later.  I asked, "Sure, that wouldn't be hard to tape my Sunday morning sermon." She responded, "No, not like that.  Do it like you do teaching youth Sunday School.  Like you're you just hanging out."  Hmmm.  It kinda set out there for a while...until...

I was doing a continuing ed class at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary on Spiritual Formation.  We were talking about how to incorporate social media and the spiritual journey.  It dawned on me what my daughter was talking about!  YouTube has become a new form of social media.  I'm not sure if it was originally intended that way but looking at my daughter's YouTubbers she follows, I got what she was trying to say.

Usually, my sermons run between 15-20 minutes on a Sunday morning but when I begin my "walk-throughs" they are shorter.  The late, Dr. Ellsworth Kalas was my preaching instructor at Asbury Theological Seminary, and he always taught us the 5 minute sermon is the hardest.  He was right.  That is my goal with these "mini-messages," taking my sermon down to a core of 5-7 minutes.  This was just the start!  Stay tuned to the spiritual side and may the force be with you!
Reflections Questions from this Mini-Message

  1. When have you indulged another person with an expensive gift?
  2. When did Jesus arrive in Bethany? (12:1)
  3. What was done in honor of Jesus in Bethany? (12:2)
  4. What did Mary do to Jesus? (12:3)
  5. How did Judas respond to Mary’s act? (12:4-5)  What other motive did Pastor Ken mention Judas may also have had?
  6. Why did Jesus say that Mary had anointed Him with perfume? (12:7)
  7. Why did the large crowd come to Mary and Martha’s home? (12:9)
  8. Why were the chief priests concerned about these crowds? (12:11)
  9. How do you worship Jesus with your resources?
  10. In what way can we help those less fortunate than ourselves?
  11. When have we masked our own selfishness with the appearance of concern for others?
  12. How can you help someone less fortunate than yourself this week?


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