How To Pray: Thoughts on a Simple Way to Pray

This episode is about three simple elements to be aware of as you pray.  Don't confuse simple with simplistic though. Prayer is arguably the most central prayer practice in our spiritual formation.  Take a few minutes to watch the video:

To review, there are three elements which in both study and personal application, I have found helpful to nurturing my own prayer practices and my relationship with God.  Remember too, the over arching emphasis for me is the relationship with God.

1. Solitude.  Make space and set a time, even if just a minute, to be with God.
2. Spiritual.  This is a spiritual practice and it is something in another realm of creation.
3. Simple.  Talk to God as you would a friend.  Consider using the Jesus Prayer, "Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner."

1.  What are some of the things in your house which make prayer difficult?
2.  What are some of the relational aspects of your life which make this tough?
3.  Do you have a name for God you're most comfortable with?  What is it?  Try using it in any prayer you pray.
4.  Read some of the Psalms (in the middle of most Bibles).  What are some of the emotions which people express to God?  Do some of them surprise you?  Why?
5.  Is there a place you're most comfortable and/or go to relax?  If not, can you make a space?  Try doing this for 30 or 40 days and see what happens.


Unknown said...

Very helpful and will retrain my prayer habits. What's with the BB-8 tee?

Jedi Pastor Ken said...

I'm glad it is helpful Tom! I'm glad you asked about BB-8 too! From here on, all my videos will feature Star Wars somewhere. Some will be obvious and some may not be so much. Just a fun part of the journey.

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