Episode 5: It's Easter Jedi Pastor!

Welcome to this week's mini-message on the Easter story.

Take some time for reflection on the message and the story from Luke 24:1-12

  1. *When was a time you told a true story that other people found hard to believe?
  2. What happened while the women were wondering what had happened to Jesus’ body? (24:4)
  3. What did the angels tell the women about Jesus? (24:5-7)
  4. What words of Jesus were the women reminded of? (24:7)
  5. What did the women do after the men had told them that Jesus had risen from the dead as He had predicted? (24:9)
  6. Why did the apostles not believe the women? (24:11)
  7. How did Peter respond to the sight of the empty tomb? (24:12)
  8. Why is Jesus’ resurrection central to the Christian faith?
  9. Why did the disciples express disbelief even though Jesus had told them clearly that He would rise from the dead?
  10. How will you REMEMBER Easter with your life this week?


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