I'll Be Back. Just Not Now.

For many weeks now, I've struggled to get back here to my blog to write and post sermon notes.  That obviously hasn't happened.  It has been hard to give time to my blog over this past year since my wife's diagnosis with stage 4 colon cancer.  Our hope was to have her final surgery in September.  However, before that surgery could be done, we found the cancer metastasized to her liver.  This has obviously changed our world.

I am envious of so many who feel they can do all they can do and still have time to write and maintain a blog.  I simply cannot do it.  As a husband, father and pastor, my priority is directing my attention to those closest to me and who I have a responsibility for as an ordained elder.

The nature of blogging requires a writer to be far more consistent than I have been able to be to this point.  I do not know what the future holds.  I maybe back here sooner rather than later, I just don't know.  What I do know is I need to give myself permission to not worry about this blog.  I won't be taking anything down so all my stuff to date will stay here.

Your thoughts and prayers have meant a great deal.  If you think of us, please continue to pray.  I will be doing a sermon series on suffering in November and will try to post those sermons here as a way to update.

Already know you that which you need!


Anonymous said...

So glad you are giving yourself permission to let go of the things that drain the energy you need for Heather, Logan,and Jillian. I wonder if there are some other things you could ditch--my short list includes dishes (so I'm not green for a few months)and dusting (over-rated, IMHO.)

Heather has landed in my prayer bundle--those God brings to mind on a frequent basis--but you have, too. Mostly for coping and energy; this blog post seems an answer to me.

I loathe "self-care" as applied to helping professions, especially pastoring. I pray your church has, and is, stepping up to relieve you of whatever they can. During my PCUSA days as an ordained elder (in their polity) I took on preaching duty whenever Carrie asked. We had some other teaching elders who could do the same. Praying for the UMC version for you.

Peace, grace, and rest to you,

Victoria Owens

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