God Be With You.

There is nothing easy about goodbyes. They signal change, present obstacles and likely will force you to grow. We can fight them if we like but it usually to our detriment we do so.

I read recently the root of “goodbye” comes from the old saying, “God be with you.” In other words, it is the ancient version of TTFN or “Ta Ta For Now” (So obviously, the 21st century did not come up with text lingo all by itself). And whether you like them or not, we don’t get to escape the truth that if change is inevitable we best invest in healthy goodbyes.

I recently closed at chapter and said my goodbyes to so many dear friends and pilgrims from our Two Year Academy of Spiritual Formation sponsored by The Upper Room. It was a truly life shaping and faith influencing experience that I will be forever grateful for and especially for the family we made a long the way (calling us friends doesn’t seem to do justice to the experience).

Now, like other pastors and churches, I am saying goodbye to the family of God who I have worshiped with and served for these past three years. Soon, I will no longer be able to be one of your pastors at Cumming FUMC, but will part ways as friends, and certainly as family in God’s Kingdom. I am thankful for how you welcomed our family into your’s and have supported us in so many ways, especially in your concern and prayers as I have adjusted to my low-vision disability. I hope and pray you’ve come to know and love Jesus Christ better during our time and that you’ll continue to do so after we say our goodbyes.

God Be With You.


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