Rediscovering John Wesley's Prayers of Examen: Prayers for Thankfulness

 Saturday: Thankfulness


General questions for every morning:
1.  Did I think of God first and last?
2.  Have I examined myself how I behaved since last night’s retirement?
3.  Have I resolved to do all the good I can this day and to be diligent in the business of my calling?


God, great Creator and Sovereign Lord of heaven and earth, you Father of angels and people, the Giver of life and Protector of all your creatures, I ask that you mercifully accept my morning offering of praise and thanks.  I desire this offering to be given with complete humility to your divine Majesty.  “You are praised O Lord by all your works,” and are magnified by everything you have created.  The sun rejoices at the opportunity to run his course that he may pronounce your praise, the one who made him.  The moon and the stars don’t hold back in showing you glory even in the midst of the silent night.  The earth breaths out perfumes to you each day, her sacred King.  You have crowned her with herbs and trees, and beautified her with hills and valleys.  The deep speaks his voice and lifts up hands to you the great Creator, the universal King, the everlasting God.  The floods clap their hands and the hills are joyful together before you.  The fruitful valleys rejoice and sing your praise.  You feed the innumberable multitude of animals which you have created…

You made light for our comfort and gave us darkness out of your treasures in order to overshadow the earth so that the living creatures in it might have their rest.  ‘The fire and hail, snow and mist, wind and storm do your word’ and show your glory.  Inanimate things celebrate you, O Lord of life and the wild animals demonstrate their wise Creator.  Throughout the universal praise of nature, do not wait for humanity to be silent but let the most noble works of your creation give you the most noble sacrifice of praise!


Particular Questions relating to Thankfulness
1. Have I set aside some time for thanking God for the blessings of this past week?
2.  Have I seriously and deliberately considered the circumstances surrounding those blessings so I would be more aware of them?
3.  Have I considered each of them as a responsibility to show greater love and to be more focused in living a holy life?


‘My tongue shall sing of your righteousness and tell about Your salvation from day to day?’  I will give thanks to you forever and ever.  I will praise you, my God, while I have my being.  I wish that I had the heart of the seraphim so I might burn with a love like they have.  Even though I am on the earth, I will praise you as best I can, King of Heaven.  Though I am a feeble and mortal creature, I will lift up my song with those that excel in strength.  I will join with the immortal hosts of angels and archangels, thrones, dominions, and powers while they praise and magnify your glorious name and sing with nonstop shouts of praise –
            Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of Hosts!
            Heaven and earth are full of His glory!
            Glory be to you, O Lord most high.
            Amen.  Hallelujah.


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