Rediscovering John Wesley's Prayers of Examen: Prayers for The Passion of God's Son

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Friday: The Passion of God’s Son


General questions for every morning:
1.  Did I think of God first and last?
2.  Have I examined myself how I behaved since last night’s retirement?
3.  Have I resolved to do all the good I can this day and to be diligent in the business of my calling?

Jesus, poor and rejected, unknown and despised, have mercy on me.  Let me not be ashamed to follow you.

Jesus, hated, slandered, and persecuted, have mercy on me. Let me not be ashamed to follow in your path.

Jesus, betrayed and sold at a vile price, have mercy on me.  Make me content to be like my Lord.

Jesus, blasphemed, accused, and wrongfully condemned, have mercy on me.  Teach me to endure the inconsistencies of those who condemn.

Jesus, clothed with a garment of rejection and shame, have mercy on me.  Help me not seek after my own glory.

Jesus, insulted, mocked, and spit upon, have mercy on me.  Let me run the race set before me with patience.

Jesus, dragged to the pillar, whipped and covered in blood, have mercy on me.  Help me to not faint when the trial is most painful.

Jesus, crowned with thorns and shown sarcastic praise; O Jesus, burdened with all our sins, and the curses of the people; O Jesus, insulted, subjected to violence, beaten, overwhelmed with injuries, anguish, and humiliations; O Jesus, hanging on the cursed tree, bowing your head, giving up your spirit, have mercy on me!  Make my soul to be like your holy, humble, suffering Spirit.

O Jesus, the one who loved me so much that you have undergone an infinity of sufferings and humiliations, let me be completely ‘emptied of myself’, so that I may celebrate at the opportunity to take up my cross daily and follow you.

Strengthen me, too, to endure the pain and despise the shame.  If it is your will, help me stand firm even in my own death.


The same questions asked on Wednesday for Denying Self

1.  Have I done anything just because it was pleasing?
2.  Have I done what passion tempted me to do or did I do the opposite?
3.  Have I been on the receiving end of inconveniences which I could not avoid?  Did I accept these experiences as something God allowed?
4.  Have I tried to come up with excuses to avoid self-denial?
5.  Have I looked at a situation and thought it is too small a thing for me to worry about denying myself?
6.  Except in situations where God's glory is concerned, have humbled myself with others who have opposed my thoughts and plans?
7.  Have I taken time out of my day after I have experienced what I thought was suffering for Christ and my own sins?  With this time have I listened for God's judgement and thought how to change my behavior?

...Remember for whose sake it was that you came from the presence of the Father and were content to be born of the virgin Mary.  Remember for whom it was your human body was torn and whipped and crucified.  Wasn’t it all done for the sins of the whole world?  Shall I be so selfish and disrespectful to you and think you excluded me?  Can I think that you died for sinners of greater sins than mine and left me without a remedy for the sickness of my sin?  What had become of those who committed murder in Jerusalem?  What about the prostitutes?  No, and what became of your own disciple Peter who denied you three times with oaths and curses?...

Save me O God, like a piece of burned wood snatched out of the fire.  Accept me, my Savior, like a sheep who has gone off on it’s own way but who now returns to the great Shepherd and Bishop of my soul.


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