Lectio Visual for Wednesday

Before scrolling farther down, let me invite you to take time to just "soak" in the image.  Then begin considering each of the five parts of Lectio Visual.

Take time and move through each step.  Note the questions in the following paragraph for suggestions as you practice Lectio Visual.

            Look (Read):  Consider deeply the image and what is being “said.”
            Linger (Reflect):  What is the verse or word being given to you?
            Led (Respond): How are you being called to respond?
            Lay (Rest): Be in God's presence.
            Live (Return): Moving back into the world with how we've been changed.

As you look at this image, what words come to your mind?  Look at the people,their body language.  Note the colors chosen.  What speaks to you about the location?    Specifically, what Scripture passage or phrase does the Holy Spirit inspire them to speak to you?   You may think of a recent news article or a quote by a famous person.  So it maybe from another word or phrase that you are  inspired you to look up a Scripture.  If you need help, you might try going to www.biblegateway.com to do a search through the Bible.  In this case, the upcoming Sunday is Palm Sunday so you may want to spend time with Luke 19:28-40

Remember that there are those images, icons or symbols that appeal to us.  We are  now an incredibly visual society and images are important.  Christianity has been using images since the earliest days of the church.  BUT, we need to realize that there are also images that don’t attract us or inspire us with joy or peace that are just as likely to be used by God. 

Whatever that verse or word or phrase, take that as a guide for your prayer through this day.  Read or say that verse or phrase out loud if you have time or space to do so.  If not, silently reflect and pray.  If it is a full story, consider using more of Lectio Divina which I talk about elsewhere on my blog.  

Image: Entry of Christ into Jerusalem . Morgner, Wilhelm, 1891-1917


Anonymous said...

Isn't it more accurate to call it Visio Divina instead of Lectio Visual? For example, see the materials put out for the St John's Bible

Unknown said...

Interesting way to word the question. I'm not really familiar with the St. John's Bible. The practice as I lay it out, I have not found elsewhere and came in response to a work of art my son did that inspired me to adapt Lectio Divina into a spiritual practice.

I don't think it has to be one or the other. One says it is "Holy likeness/image" where the other is "image/likeness reading." I came at the idea from the action being taken to participate in the practice. Hope that helps!

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