Which Party Will I Support This Election Year? One Pastor's Response.

I have been hearing more and more calls for us clergy to take stands this election year. I have looked for the right words so that I might express clearly and concisely where I stand. Cyprian states my platform well...

"There are many Christians who receive the gift of the Spirit and of salvation, but they fail to receive the rest of their inheritance in Christ - which includes a mind and heart that is spiritually fortressed against the world. Because they remain of two minds - half hoping in the world, half hoping in God - they are constantly tossed about, assailed by the whims and tempers of fickle people, thrown by changing events. Too often they make the mistake of turning away from God when hardship comes and run back to the world, even returning to a lightless life of doubt and unbelief."
-Cyprian, "First Epistle"

My hope lies in God's Kingdom and the Law of Love. I do not need to express more fully my political ideology - it is not necessary nor required. In the privacy of the ballot box, I cast my vote, and in my life I will seek to live that Law of Love which Jesus requires which extends and covers any political ideology of any party and persuasion.


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