The 1 Thing: A Day to Praise

Psalm 89:1-5 NASB   
I will sing of the lovingkindness of the LORD forever; To all generations I will make known Your faithfulness with my mouth.  (2)  For I have said, "Lovingkindness will be built up forever; In the heavens You will establish Your faithfulness." (3)  "I have made a covenant with My chosen; I have sworn to David My servant, (4)  I will establish your seed forever And build up your throne to all generations." Selah. (5)  The heavens will praise Your wonders, O LORD; Your faithfulness also in the assembly of the holy ones.

We give praise to our children for their accomplishments.  Athletes are praised for the incredible prowess in competition (hard to miss with the start of the Olympics this weekend).  Artists are given praise for their works.

Yet, somehow, it seems a cat gets our tongue at the moment we consider praising God.  We seem to lose the right words or can't even come up with anything.

Centuries ago, it was recognized that the Psalms were an inspired work.  These words give us words when we have none. 

Here, in Psalm 89, one word comes to the forefront.  It is a word, almost void of meaning in our culture.  FAITHFULNESS.  Better yet, two words even, so closely tied together – words which the Psalmist attributes to the very character of God: LOVINGKINDNESS.

God's lovingkindness leads to His faithfulness.  We praise because these are the very life-sustaining, characteristics we long for in every relationship.  We praise because God alone, the psalmist reminds us, is the One who is consistent.

And it is God alone, through his lovingkindness and faithfulness, that makes the 1 Thing possible we've been talking about this summer.  To David, God promises a relationship, a descendent who will forever bridge the gap between God and humanity so that we might experience fully his promise.  That relationship, descendent is Jesus, the Christ.  


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