TV9:51 Divine Design: In the Potter's House

In this life, things do go haywire. We go astray, we choose not to go after God's way. Circumstances overwhelm us and we lose sight of God's work in us. Sometimes we place value on things of this world like business success or social status and so make the molding God is doing go wonky. The word the Bible uses for this is sin.

 But the image God uses is the potter: nothing is wasted. A new start is always possible. The feeling may not be good if you are the clay mind you! But God isn't interested in tossing us out. Jesus didn't do that to lepers or tax collectors or prostitutes and he doesn't do it to us.

 I invite you to reflect on the image of the potter as I preach and local artist and church member, Kevin Whitley, does the message in clay in this special edition of TV9:51


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