Sky: No Matter Who You Are...Trust God

Today begins a new series based on our Children's Ministry Vacation Bible School theme. Today is a rearranging of our space to reflect a more community feel for the summer months. Today we're just over two months since we started the 9:51 worship service. And today, we're stepping out, doing things never done before here at Cumming First UMC. You might say we're throwing caution to wind. We've got big dreams and we're trusting God for what comes next.

One of those new things for our family has been discovering the new Sherlock Holmes series by the BBC. It reminded me of a classic joke. The detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were on a case and had to camp one night as they worked to solve. They were in they're in their sleeping bags looking up at the sky. Holmes asked, “Watson, what do you see?” Watson replied, “I see thousands of stars.” “And what does that mean to you?” Holmes asked. “I guess it means we will have a nice day tomorrow,” replied Watson. Watson then asked, “Sherlock, what does it mean to you?” To which Holmes replied, “It means someone has stolen our tent.”

We know what we shouldn't do. We shouldn’t eat that Big Mac. We should order water not get a refill on sweet tea. We really need to take the walk and not watch another episode of American Idol. Think about it. What is one of the things you know you need to do or see that you need to do and you keep getting distracted by something else? Take a moment and share with the folks at your table what that thing is and what keeps distracting you.

What if that one thing was something you got a clear message from God about? Would that make it easier to do it? Take a moment and consider 1 Samuel 16:1-13 and the choosing of the next king of Israel.

Samuel had a lot riding on this moment. He understood his role as prophet and what it could cost him if things didn't go “the right way.” Three thousand years ago doesn't seem all that far away when talking about leadership. Aren't we still looking for the smartest, strongest, sexist, and most sociable?

It was hard for Samuel to trust God when Eliab first showed up. Eliab had what the people thought they wanted. He had the qualifications of the former king not the future king. But because Samuel was close to God, he could sense, even hear, God's correction - “Humans look at outward appearances, but the LORD looks into the heart."

God sends Samuel to end of the line, to the youngest of all the sons, the last in the line when we're all looking for the first. But Samuel had heard the correction and knew it was right when God said to anoint the shepherd boy, the youngest of Jesse's sons.

Speaker and author Len Sweet refers to David as one of the “C” people – not necessarily “the best and brightest,” but “...the committed, the consecrated and the compassionate.” Daniel Goleman's book, Emotional Intelligence, expresses the reality that IQ and success rate and happiness don't go together – that the “C” people can do just as well or better. Maybe it was more than a good thing that David Letterman set-up that scholarship at Ball State University for “C” students.

Our potential is as broad and wide and far as the sky itself. No matter who you are...David's life is a testament to trusting in God. He may have been average in most things, but not when it came to faith and obedience to God and humility when he failed. These are what set him apart as Israel's greatest leader = not Saul who was the strongest or Solomon who was the wisest.

Truly, no matter who you God!


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