Too Much of a Good Thing? Not This Week!

Can you really get too much of a good thing?  Well, yes, you can over-indulge on McDonald's french fries.  Too many Blizzards at DQ are not going to help.  You can watch some movies way too much as well.

But I'd argue, that when it comes to the week leading up to Easter Sunday, you cannot get too much of what is the Greatest Story in Human History.  I said this past Sunday, in "Marks of Servanthood", 

 "Try if you will to take away how Jesus served others. Try to read the New Testament and skip over every action of Jesus on behalf other people and see what you have left. For in doing so you have to take away the resurrection itself." 

If you do it, strip away all of Jesus' actions on behalf of others, we're left with nothing virtually nothing.  His teachings alone, I'd argue as well, are of little consequence without all that Jesus did for other people.

Too much of a good thing?  Not this week and not this year at Cumming First United Methodist Church!  We're going all out to make space and provide experiences during the week to prepare you for an incredible Easter Sunday!  This year we're moving times around on Sunday morning to provide still ANOTHER worship experience on Sunday mornings! 

Nope, when it comes to Easter, you just can't get enough about Jesus Christ!  We're making space at Cumming First United Methodist Church, A Traditional Church for Contemporary People!

Holy Week Services @ 

Wednesday, April 4
Holy communion is served in the
sanctuary at 12 Noon

Maundy Thursday, April 5
Holy Communion/Tenebrae
service in the sanctuary at 7:30 pm
(Tenebrae portion is not suitable for young children)

Good Friday, April 6
Traditional remembrance of the crucifixtion service
in the sanctuary at 12 Noon

Easter Sunday, April 8
• Sunrise Service
on the Front Lawn at 7 AM

• Servicio en español in the
student center at 8 AM

• Traditional worship in the
sanctuary at 8:30 and 11:15 am

• 951 - Contemporary worship in the
family life center at 9:45 am

Easter Sunday Pancake Breakfast
will be cooked and served by Boy Scout Troop 62 from 8-10 AM in the Children's Pod.
Cost: Cost: $4 per person with a Family Maximum of $12

Ken is the Associate Pastor at Cumming First United Methodist and lead preacher for the NEW 9:51 Worship service meeting each Sunday morning.  Follow Ken on Facebook or on Twitter: @jedipastorken

Learn more about the variety of worship experiences, the many ministries and the incredible people of Cumming First United Methodist Church, Cumming, GA.  A Traditional Church for Contemporary People!


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