TV9:51 - The Mark of Following

I can't find the verse anywhere in the Bible that says I'm called to be a great leader.  I haven't found it.  There are some great leaders but I haven't found that one.  What seems abundantly clear is that if we're called to be a Christian, then we're called to be a follower...even if we are a church leader.  

May I Ask?  When have you found business/faith principles to be in conflict?  How did you respond?

May I Suggest?  Consider living out one thing for one week that you have read in the Bible that would make the world a better place.  Consider James 1:27 for example.  Stop by at the end of the week and share what you learned by following.

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Holly said...

Thank you for this insightful post. I have come to believe that the emphasis on "leadership" in the church is a new heresy. It distorts the Gospel. Jesus calls us to follow him, even if it leads to a cross and suffering rather than to the acclaim of others. Obedience to the call of Christ is a badly needed corrective in today's church.

Ken L. Hagler said...

Thanks Holly, I appreciate your comments and to know the message resonates. It has been a lesson learned the hard way in my own life by following preachers who are focused on leadership.

I'm not sure I'd go with heresy (not sure mind you), but it has certainly gotten the focus off Jesus and on ourselves.

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