Nothing Bundt Paying It Forward

Don't think you can pay it forward?  Don't think you can plant a seed that makes a difference?


See today, I was waiting for my MRI results in Dunwoody, GA when a lady comes in to deliver a cake for the office to promote their new business. "Awesome!" I said, "Great idea, I hope you delivered to Dunwoody UMC! " She said she had. I then said I wish she could deliver to Cumming since that is where I work (Couldn't tell if she saw my name tag).

She came back moments later and gave me three mini bundt cakes from here new business in Sandy Springs, GA:  She didn't know why I was there.  She had no way to know that I have been losing my vision, that it was an incredibly difficult day and I really had few words to offer anybody else.  She could have kept on going and I wouldn't have thought less of her...bundt she didn't.

She sowed a seed.  It didn't make my pain go away or make my vision any better.  But it surprised me.  It helped, more than you  know.  Maybe more than I'll know.

So Tisha and Stephanie, here is to you - keep paying it forward.  And to everyone out there who says,

But I can't!!  Wrong...bundt you can.


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