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 As of today the count is 1,141 days. For the past 1,141 days, Scott Ginsberg has been wearing a name tag, 24 – 7 – 365 / 366. Scott has a ton of stories and has learned so much about people from wearing at nametag.  But because of the temptation of so many people to take off his nametag, he finally had it tattooed on his chest. Scott's goal is to make the world friendlier through name-tagging and as you have probably guessed, I'm not only a friend of Scott's, I'm a follower.

No, I don't nametag all day, everyday. But I've had the privilege of being an unpaid employee of some great companies like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Dollar Tree and others. I've worked on hospital staff and on staff at public libraries. Why? People in need are drawn to ask for help from people they know. Did they know me? Of course not...AH!!! But...they knew my name...and so they knew ME. What Scott learned and what I learned from him was that a NAME TAG = INVITATION. “We have all the ideas we can handle,” Scott wrote recently, “You don't need an idea, you need an 'I did.'” 

Living in an occupied nation, they were a people waiting for something, or someone to make a mark...today, we find a group of people who were waiting and what they did...

Scott may be right on business but he is wrong on faith. I think this happens too much when we mix business-principles with faith-principles. Principles and principles are like apples and apples. There maybe both apples but one is a Granny Smith and the other, a Red Delicious - same BUT distinctively different.

I can go half way with Scott, we do have everything we need to begin. But like those fishermen...like Levi the tax collector...the only thing we are waiting for is an invitation. And one day in the middle east, 2000 years ago, a carpenter-turned Rabbi, gave an invitation to a group of fishermen who were waiting...then he did the same to a tax collector named Levi.

For the fishermen, it meant leaving behind both business and family. For Levi the tax collector, it meant leaving behind an affluent lifestyle. But there is an old blessing, “May you be covered with dust of your rabbi.” What your teacher does, this what you should also do. Where Jesus has already gotten in the habit of being condemned for being associated with sinners like tax collectors, Levi, maybe knowing this, invites his “sinner” friends over to a party meet this rabbi. A rabbi who doesn't believe anyone is “too sinful.”  So Levi did what he saw his rabbi do - invite!

The church does need leaders, don't get me wrong. But there is a unique organizational structure to this thing called “Church.” The true Head, is always going to be Jesus (Ephesians 1:22). The Body is the Church. The mark of following is saying “Here I Come!” when Jesus says, “Come follow me!”

And today as we come to this table of communion, the invitation is being giving even now, Come follow me...Are you ready to be marked as a follower?

Ken is the Associate Pastor at Cumming First United Methodist and lead preacher for the NEW 9:51 Worship service each Sunday morning.  (Just so you know, these are my notes and may not reflect the full sermon in it's entirety.  But they are a lot of work and I pray they help!)


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