What Mark Did Jesus Leave? What Mark Are You Leaving?

What kind of mark did Jesus intend to leave behind?

Over the next six weeks join John Cromartie and I at Cumming First United Methodist Church (www.cfumcga.com) at 8:45, 9:51 and 11:00 as we explore Jesus' marks and the potential we all have to leave our own.

This unique series will feature video stories of experiences from our own congregation, the launch of brand new worship experience at 9:51am and a congregation-wide series that engages the whole church in the same message and study guide follow-up question for Sunday Schools and small groups.

Don't spend the weeks leading up to Easter still wondering what you could be doing with your new year.  Make your mark.  Start now at Cumming First United Methodist Church...a Tradtional Church for Contemporary People!


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