The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Parables From Luke Week 2

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So this week we look over at Luke 11:1-13 and let's be honest, all we really have done is look at this as "The How-To manual on prayer."  Because the Lord's Prayer is here, the parable is glossed over as are some significant connections to other scripture passages.

What is most often missing is context and when it comes to parables, they are often treated like fables, myths and simple wisdom sayings.  BUT they aren't and it is important to note the difference.  Dr. James Fleming, in The Parables of Jesus, writes, "The Koran and many oriental religions only have the sayings and there is no context to help interpret them...we can excavate...this is unique to the Judeo-Christian heritage."  Archaeology can and has excavated the homes of the first century (along with a lot of places and documents which confirm the accuracy of the Bible).  For a good look at what I'm talking about in the study, visit Women In The Bible for a better view of an 'insula.'

What it seems to me however, is the passage AND the parable is more than a "How-To."  Jesus is giving us the how and the what and the why and the when but most of all, Jesus is revealing to us an important relationship - the who we are praying to.


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